Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The crow, fox, vadai & paati

There was a paaticdbabe09.gif in a graamam. 1 day she was sutting a vadai. At d time 1 kaakaa came and abbess the vadai. Then it sat on the 1 maram. A nari came and said “Ur kural is so nice”. So sing a paatu for me: then the kaakaa open its vaai to sing. Dhobukadeenu vada fell down. The nari kavving that vadai and went away……..

Moral of the story:

Vada Pochaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


ராஜசுப்ரமணியன் S said...

dear mr Srini,
I am glad youare back.i was wondering what happened all these days (about 100 days) with no entry of your site into my inbox.Though i knew the story as almost everybody else, the moral of the story was always elusive. now i got it! i remember once Cho wrote a satirical article about story telling for children in all india radio. he cited the same kaakka vadai,nari story and mentioned
that all india radio story teller would conclude as " the moral of the story is we should not tell lies". It made me laugh at that time. now u have excelled Cho. BTW the picture boxes do not open. does it require any spl software?

Srini said...

@ Rajah sir,
thanks for your comment
i am somewhat finding hard for getting free time to dedicate to this blog
should improve it
the reason is due to the new blog i ve created
its a site which is focused on entrepreneurship in india
pl visit that site
it was started some 4 months back and going good with many interviews with some great CEOs in India