Sunday, March 25, 2012

Typewriter / handwritten note...

A Joke ! ;-) A divorce scene was getting rough and hot between husband and wife
before the judge.

Wife argued fiercely, "Your honor I kept child in this womb for nine
long months, brought baby out with pain and suffering, then whose baby
it is?"

The judge looks at fuming husband and asked, "What do you have to say hubby?"

The husband thundered, "Your honor, if I insert a dollar in cola
vending machine's hole and a can of cola drops, whose cola is it?
Machine's or mine?

Wife would not accept this and replied, "Sir Judge, it was my bottle
of milk and if some one injected his couple drops of yogurt maker mix
then whose yogurt it is? Big milk-maker's or a small drop pusher's?

Husband replied, "Yes Judge but listen to me, when I pushed a letter
in typewriter, jumped and danced hard pressing all the excitable keys
to print the letter, then whose letter it is? Mine or typewriter's?

Judge was loosing his brain and yelled, "You knuckle-head instead of
using typewriter if you had used your handwritten note, none of these
would have happened."