Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exciting treat to the patrons of this blog

Hi friends / patrons !

From today onwards this blog will present you with a new feature called "Nautanki TV feed"
Actually you could see the video clip at the bottom of the web page which is provided by nautanki.tv a web based television.

A high speed internet connection (broadband) is essential for you people to enjoy .
Folks this is a Ad supported feature brought for you to enjoy!

Just enjoy & Do chip in with bouquets or brickbats, whichever you feel like.


videsh said...

this nautanki.tv is such a rip-off. I used their content on my blog. Many people viewed it and i am supposed to be paid when a user views their content~~~yet my account balance
shows that i havent earned anything....and i am so sure that many people saw that content (since there are comments for that post)~~~yet i havent earned a single penny~~~i am never goin to use their
content again......i hope the rest of you all become wise too~~dont use nautanki.tv~~~it doesnot pay~~~better you use google adsense only

Srini said...

@ Videsh

I m too of ur opinion only.
I discontinued nautanki's feed some months b4, since its eating up the bandwidth.